August Nuggets to Accelerating Your Sustainability Strategy: Cars, Carbon, and Digitalization

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August Nuggets to Accelerating Your Sustainability Strategy: Cars, Carbon, and Digitalization

The World Economic Outlook offers a lot to worry about, including the war in Ukraine, the difficulty of zero net transition, and inflation. The increase in raw material prices will further boost global consumer price inflation, reaching 8.5% this year, a maximum of 26 years, driven by a significant impact on world food and energy markets. High inflation has led many governments worldwide to accelerate the reduction of stimulus measures. Companies must consider trends such as accelerated digitization and sustainable and inclusive income growth in their long-term strategies.


Car manufacturers must look beyond the exhaust pipe to offer greener cars. Industry actors can capture carbon and cost savings by examining the manufacturing value chain from end to end. The most environmentally friendly vehicles at a lower unit cost will depend on movements that include i) the redesign of components, ii) the implementation of circularity to reduce waste, and iii) the realization of design changes to reduce the amount of raw material required. Collaboration with suppliers and R&D are critical facilitators of the commercial and technical aspects of the implementation strategy. The Economist Intelligence Unit predicted that global sales of electric vehicles could increase to almost 6.4 million by 2022.


Achieving zero carbon production will depend on building green businesses to produce the technologies, materials, and systems required by the transition. Like the digital leaders of our time, successful green business builders have been experts in i) creating and shaping markets instead of looking and waiting for markets to appear and ii) have adopted the notion of accelerated scaling. Renewable energy will be the fastest-growing energy source in the coming years. The role of renewables in 2023 will continue to be relatively lower, although it will increase by more than 70% by the end of the year.


As sustainability leaders, let’s not forget to seize technology to implement our strategy.

Well-known names such as Google and Facebook will remain dominant web players. Both will likely use this domain to explore broader applications of Internet-related technology, such as artificial intelligence, speech recognition, and virtual reality hardware and software.

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